Below are some kind comments from some of the people I have worked with.

“Steve is friendly, keen and efficient. I think he would make a very positive contribution to any production.”
Matt Storey 
“Hugo” (2011)

I first worked with Steve in his final film project at University. The initial idea for the project stood out which is why I wanted to be involved. Being a newly graduated actress I was only really looking for showreel material but Steves organisation and professionalism led us to have common interests and stay in contact after he graduated. Steve has helped me with several projects over the last 3 years and has become a great friend on both a personal and professional level. He is great with ideas and setting them out, he is extremely creative and a good leader but he equally has the team skills to take direction and help without any questions when needed. Steve seems to have no end to his skills including, writing, editing, directing using the camera and even beating me on the singstar challenge. I would recommend Steve to any professional in the industry and although his passion is Directing/editing he is wonderfully versatile and reliable.
Aimi Percival
(Worked with Steve on many projects. Steve previously edited Aimi’s Showreel.) 

Steve is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking person who always puts 100% into any project he is working on. His creative skills make him a joy to be around and also inspire the creativity in others to come through. He also knows how to take charge of a team but does it in a way where everyone is equal and respectful of each other and their own role within the team, however he is also able to take a back seat and learn from the instruction of others. I would recommend working with Steve to anyone and feel he would be a real asset to anyones team.”
Natalie Shrives
“Fairytale”(2009) , “Makebelieve Reality”(2011)

2 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. Yo Steve, I would love to work with you, any time. Reading your fab comments make me realms what we are all missing out on. My next project should, without fail involve you and so should all others!

  2. As a feminist, , I think you have a lot to offer the community at large, a contemporary take on modem feminism in the context of hegemony in a post modern euro sphere is always appreciated. May The Force Be With You. And all those who endeavour to sail so, but only in a mutual patriarchy sense of course. Hee Hee ! X

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